Arming Defense Capabilities for Global Standard

Arming Defense Capabilities


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Trinity Aviation and Engineering Limited we started our operation in defense industry in 2003. Our aim was to introduce technological excellence and long term relationship with all three sectors. Though, our primary focus was Air defense and specially training.

We still hold a major stake in hi-tech simulation system in Pilot training. We are also stepping in to hi-tech naval training to cope up with fast modernization of our naval force with a vision of 2030.

Spatial disorientation

We represent one of the finest disorientation systems in the world. Successfully introduced such world class training systems in several bases.

Night Vision Training

This training simulation system is fully 3D and airport topologies are custom designed according to the requirement of the training both civil and military.

High Altitude Training

This chamber based hypo and hyper systems are one of our major specialization. We represent world’s best technology in both hypo and hyper chambers.

Naval decompression solution

World’s best system from Germany has been introduced for optimum performance and extended life time. Both for on shore and on deck systems.

Air Ambulance Technologies

We are unique and presenting the only company in the world for Air Ambulance technology which can be installed both US/EU helicopters and Russian Mi Series. Same solution for all systems.

Radar system for SRE/PAR

We represent full digital full solid state technology under one roof.

Weather Radar

Representing the most popular and sophisticated weather radar system including integrated weather station solution.

Other Support

PAT system for entry level pilots

This one technology we have developed by our in house technicians as well as traduced cock pit based pilot aptitude system from western OEM.

Refurbishment of simulation system

Our company maintains it’s unique capability of refurbishing and fully re-deigning any simulation system both civil and military

Software support and development

We are fully capable to provide managing and designing training and aviation system including specific navigation system.